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Welcome to Vic Homes Reblocking, your expert team when it comes to house underpinning and reblocking throughout Melbourne. As a family owned business with over 17 years of experience in the industry, we are a name you can trust for fast and reliable service. No matter what you require from our experienced team, whether it’s restumping and relevelling your home, replacing concrete stumps or a full excavation, you can be assured the best results when you contact us.


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Underpinning is a method of restoring and repairing failing house foundations.  The process of underpinning involves digging underneath existing footings in order to determine how much damage has been caused to the foundation.  The issue that is causing the damage is then identified and once this is done, new concrete is placed under and/or around the existing foundation in order to stabilise the soil, support the original footing, and to return the walls and floors to their original levels (before there were any problems). The excavation underneath the existing foundation will be done to a level where the moisture levels are consistent in the soil, so that there are no further problems (consistent moisture levels is important as most foundation problems occur when the soil becomes moist and dries out too often, or to a serious degree).

Signs that your home may require underpinning.

  • Cracking in the exterior or interior walls of your home.

  • If there is cracking in floor or wall tiles

  • A lean to one or more sides of your home

  • If your floors are no longer level.

  • Gaps around your windows and doors

  • Doors and windows no longer closing.

  • Separation of the roofline

  • Cracking in the perimeter of your slab